A structured data model from the data sources of the Lime3 Fiber Suite and the financial systems enables the stakeholders to manage the project and progress through KPI’s. Working from a single dataset brings reliability and transparency.




Predictive Analytics

Sound and timely decisions can be taken because all project data, like financial and operational forecasts, resources, cost estimations, change requests and project progress is captured in one system.

The extracted information from the data (current projects AND previous projects) is used to predict trends and behavior patterns.

This supports proper Risk Management.

The predictive Analytics enables all stakeholders to act.



Business Intelligence

The Lime3 Fiber Suite dashboard, based upon Qlik or Power BI technology, provides transparency, detects anomalies and identifies improvements. Other Business Intelligence systems can
be easily integrated into our platform.                       





Transparent data provides clear information.


Predictive Analytics & Risk Management

Enable proper decision making by predicting trends and behavior patterns.





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