The Lime3 Fibre suite is a SaaS* platform for the Fibre Industry, which helps the participants of a Fibre Construction project to perform better, faster and more efficient.

Real time information and visualization helps you to get in control, and predictive analytics help you to improve.

Telecom Operators, Service Providers, Subcontractors and Local Governments all benefit from the use of the Lime3 Fibre Suite.

*Saas = Software as a Service

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Lime3 Business Intelligence Solutions (BI)




Lime3 Business Intelligence Solutions (BI)

Get Control


Perform Better

Our experience is that Fibre projects can perform at least 15% better and faster when the right information is available in real-time for all participants.

The mission is to support and excel your project(s) by providing transparency, ease of use and clear visuals.

Generally speaking, 43% of all project activities add value to a project, while 57% is Waste.

50%  is Labour inefficiency

30%  is Rework

10%  is Material Waste 

10%  is Damages


Click on the link for a whitepaper on Project Efficiency


The Lime3 Fibre Suite delivers a solution to plan and manage costs and activities.

The Fibre Suite provides a full toolset to capture progress, changes and rework in the field and delivers analytics and visual maps  to all stakeholders.

Working with one dataset that is shared with all companies to foster collaboration, coordination and decision-making.





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